Over the past 50 years, international sportswear giant Nike has developed and sustained an unprecedented demand creation strategy that has cultivated legions of loyal consumers, die hard collectors and rabid fanaticism.

A large part of the program’s success can be credited to its carefully curated selection of partners, a key component in building brand equity and a foundational pillar of energy marketing. Having collaborated with some of the world’s most sought-after and seminal brands, artists and influencers, Nike consistently taps consumer passion points and firmly entrenches itself in ongoing cultural conversations. Imbued with creativity and steeped in authenticity, these partner collaborations quickly establish brand and product relevancy and help catalyze consumer validation.

Delivering inspired creative assets and executions for editorial and other go-to-market initiatives is an integral component to most successful demand creation strategies. Translating narratives from concept to creative fuels product and brand energy in authentic and impactful ways. With a primary objective to help elevate product as well as existing consumer perceptions, we chose to juxtapose classic product photography with dramatic lighting techniques and premium styling generally associated with couture fashion.

The 12ozCollective is proud to have collaborated with Nike for almost fifteen years on some of the industry’s most influential special projects and releases. The resulting work has been some of our most enjoyable and rewarding output to date.

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