NikeID Custom Lab

Although known for recruiting talent for mural executions, we sometimes get our hands dirty with our own art. To help define the sports experience at the NikeID Custom Lab, an experiential bespoke retail environment in Downtown New York City, Nike commissioned 12ozProphet to create a mural worthy of the concept.
Looking to play off of NYC’s rich heritage in sports, we created a throwback hand painted mural and then artificially weathered the work to mimic vintage sports signage. With subtle details like painting the wall with diluted coffee to age it, sanding it down and painting it back up to distress it, we were able to achieve the appearance of a sign that had been sitting in the Coney Island sun for the last hundred years. We brought in a local partner to help enhance our mural with custom neon lighting for extra effect, including a capacitor to make the ‘Yer Out!’ blink and another to make the entire piece flicker and pop like it was slowly dying.
The result was an original mural capturing the essence of NYC’s sporting history, and an experience for Nike’s customers befitting the NikeID concept.
Client: Nike
Services: Brand Strategy, Influence & Engagement, Creative Direction & Ideation, Design, Photography, Experiential
Objective: Design and execute a custom mural honoring New York City’s rich sports heritage to compliment the NikeID Custom Lab pop-up shop.
Outcome: An original art mural that became the centerpiece of Nike’s bespoke retail experience concept store in Downtown NYC.